Individual Tax Returns and Advice

Individual Tax Return is a type of tax return filed by an individual. Both single and married taxpayers, with and without dependents, file this type of return. Every individual filer who earns a certain amount of income must file this type of tax return.

Stealth Accountants provides the best effort to keep your personal finances in order and ensures you get the best income tax return that you are entitled to. 

We always keep you updated regarding your claims, storing necessary documents, like receipts and the way to maximise your return. We aim to make your income tax return as hassle-free to give you more time to do the things you like. 

To perform the formalities for having the services of Individual Tax Return from Stealth Accountants, you will need to have few documents and receipts with you, like Income Statements including:
  • PAYG Payment Summaries (previously Group Certificates) 
  • Eligible termination payments
  • Interest earned from bank accounts
  • Share dividend statements
  • Annual tax statements from trusts managed investments, property, and cash management trusts
  • Income and expenses from investment properties

For Deductions & Expenses, the following documents will be required:
  • A list of work-related expenses (with receipts), including motor vehicle log
  • Receipts of charitable donations
  • Interest and fees on investment loans 
  • Donations to charities (unless you get a ticket to win something in return, those ones don’t count) 
  • School building levies and library funds 
  • Fee charged for previous year’s tax return
  • Income protection insurance
  • Sickness and accident insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Any extra superannuation contributions
  • Amount of HELP debt or Financial Supplement loans outstanding

In the case of being married, you need to have the details of your spouse, including his/her date of birth and taxable income to check, if you may be eligible for tax benefits. In your Individual Tax Return, it is mandatory to mention all your income that you earned worldwide as an Australian citizen for taxation purpose.

Our support  for you :

Stealth Accountants located in Sydney is one of best options to assist you in the preparation of your individual tax returns. You can get your individual tax return is done by simply contacting us and providing some basic information or you can fill your details in the online form from our website. Dealing with hundreds of income tax returns every year, our team is capable enough to solve each and every query that you may have to maximize your eligible deductions while still being ATO compliant.

Depending on your occupation, the deductions that you are eligible may also change. If you are not sure of what types of deductions that you may be eligible for or perhaps you have foreign source income that you are not sure of how to report, Stealth Accountants may guide you in what deductions that you may claim, what kind of records to keep for the future and answer any queries you may have.

Our team will look after all the possible occupation specific deductions for your individual tax return to get the maximum tax refund or minimum tax payable. We will help you report all your income and expenses accurately to the ATO.

With Stealth Accountants, you can be assured that all your income tax return work from preparing your tax return to dealing with complicated matters with the ATO will be done in a timely manner at a fixed fee. Once you start with us, you don’t need to remember the due dates, we will be reminding you for your timely tax returns.

Moreover, Stealth Accountants provides high-quality service to all the respectable clients and that is our number one priority. 

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