Skilled Migration Visa

If you are expert and qualified enough in your field and in the case of being a skilled worker and thinking of to get migrated to Australia for permanent, you will require the Australian Skilled Migration Independent Visa 189.

To Qualify:

  • The aspirants must submit the documents proving you as employed in a skilled profession as per the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) for at least one year exact before applying.
  • Proficiency in the English language is mandatory to work in Australia. The aspirants from the non-English speaking nations will have to appear for a language proficiency test and score minimum 60 points.
  • Need to show the documents or any proof of your qualifications regarding post-secondary education.
  • The age limit is maximum 50.

You will be allowed to live and work in Australia forever once your permanent residency Visa is granted. The Australian Skilled Migration Independent Visa 189 is a multiple entry Visa. In case of your intending to leave or re-enter Australia during the initial 5 years of your Visa grant, firstly you must apply for citizenship.  BEMS is always to support you for your Resident Return Visa in case of your being not eligible for citizenship.