One would be surprised to know that Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world despite having a meager population of only about 25 million. The Government always welcomes international students and offers $250 million scholarship every year, as well as some other necessary financial aid. Undergraduate degrees can be obtained in Australia in only three years in comparison 4 years in countries like USA. Australia offers one year Master’s degree including MBA. So one can save living costs and tuition fees and can start working early too. Considering all these issues and in case of having better education services for admission purpose in Australia without any hurdles, BEMS can be a better option. The running students in Australia desiring better education in prominent institutes or credit transferring to other institutes for different reasons, like for cost effective tuition fees or scholarships, can always get the ensured better quality education service from BEMS. In this regard, the aspirants can get served by BEMS consequently even to fulfill the admission requirements, to choose better education provider and for credit transfer in case of changing current institutes. In case of getting the opportunity for different scholarships and also to receive offer letter from any desired education provide in no time, BEMS is always available.  

The admission requirements (including evidence of English language skills) for your study purpose in Australia usually differ considering the level of education want to you study on. Different institutions need different requirements for entrance. Therefore, we would like to mention some common guidelines for entry requirements for various stages of education in Australia, like English language course, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year12), or the overseas equivalent for Higher Education Undergraduate, satisfactory completion of at least one degree at the undergraduate level for Higher Education Postgraduate.

A Foundation course can be considered to meet up the admission requirements of an Australian high school qualification. Most of the higher education institutions offer such courses having the duration of 1 year only.